Mission Statement

Founded in 2001, PIFAAP is an association of leading insurance and financial services professionals dedicated to promoting high standards of ethics, client service and productivity.

With its focus on professional excellence thru continuing education, PIFAAP aims to provide practitioner-based channels for learning as well as foster camaraderie and esprit de corps by implementing programs that build collaborative relationships among peer professionals.

Code of Ethics

1. Always put the best interests of your clients above your own, ensuring full disclosure so that clients can make informed decisions.
2. Maintain the highest standards of professional competence through the regular pursuit of skills upgrading and continuing education.
3. Keep abreast of, abide by, and conform to all governmental regulations of the various jurisdictions in which you do business.
4. Always conduct yourself in a manner that reflects favorably on the financial services industry and on PIFAAP.

PIFAAP members can accumulate credits and meet their Continuing Education requirements by attending PIFAAP conferences and special-interest sessions; work-related, independent seminars and workshops (not those sponsored by their own companies); in-school short courses on insurance sales and marketing (such as those occasionally offered by De La Salle and Ateneo Universities); IARFC and RFPI classes; annual conferences and sales clinics of LUAP, GAMA, MDRT and PIFAAP; and the like.